OSSO makes durable outdoor products for the leisure, festival and hospitality industries. We sell direct to campsites, resorts, surf camps and anywhere else you want to pitch our luxury outdoor solutions.

All our products are designed and engineered in-house and rigorously tested in factories, laboratories and – most importantly – in the fields, woods, and beaches where they will stand all year round. Our products are developed to optimize your return on investment and upscale your campsite. As we source directly from the manufacturer our products have an unmatched price performance ratio. And by controlling the entire chain of production we make sure they are consistent in high quality.

We are a team of designers, engineers and sales agents with over 30 year of experience in outdoor products. Our products stand proudly outdoors in countries all around the world.

Have a look at some of the clients that have successfully build or upgraded their campsite with OSSO.

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