Permanent bell tent

The perfect combination between glamping and camping with permanent bell tents

The bell tent is a very popular type of tent amongst campers and campsite owners. With their stylish look and round shape, they are a real eyecatcher and a perfect stay for a luxury camping trip. The permanent bell tents of OSSO are known for their strength and durability. They are created and developed internally, undergoing thorough testing in both factory and laboratory settings, as well as practical field trials. Since we obtain the tents directly from the manufacturer, our products boast an unmatched balance between price and performance. With oversight throughout the entire production process, we ensure a reliable delivery of consistently superior quality.

OSSO Permanent bell tent Nimbus fabrics

The Nimbus permanent bell tent

With our Nimbus permanent bell tent, we breathe new life into the classic bell tent. They are available in three sizes:


  • 4-meter diameter
  • 5-meter diameter
  • 6-meter diameter


The tents are made of 320 gr/m2 poly-cotton OSSO fabric, which is a blend of polyester and cotton. It offers a perfect balance between breathability and tensile strength, comfort, and durability. To ensure that the permanent bell tents will last as long as possible, the fabric is coated with UV protection, and has a premium anti-mildew treatment. Setting the tents up is an easy task. Two people, 20 minutes, and you’re done!

OSSO Cumulus permanent bell tent

The Cumulus permanent bell tent

The Cumulus permanent bell tent is very similar to the Nimbus tents, except for the fact that it is rectangular. It is made of the same fabric, so it offers the same strength and durability. The Cumulus is available in one size: 6 x 4 meters. Because this tent is rectangular instead of round, it offers more space to place beds; the tent can fit up to five persons.

OSSO Stratus permanent bell tent

Other permanent tents

We do not only offer permanent bell tents. The Stratus and the Cirrus offer even more luxury. The Stratus has 20 or 35 m2 flexible living and sleeping space. The 35m2 tent even contains a fully fitted bathroom. The Cirrus offers a lot of light and space. It has a full glass fronting and a curved high-rise ceiling, which gives a very spacious feeling inside of the tent in combination with stunning nature views.

OSSO Permanent bell tent by night

Durable tents for your campsite

Looking to add the OSSO permanent bell tents or other tents to your campsite? You can request a quote directly. Do you have questions you need an answer to first? Feel free to reach out! We are more than happy to tell you all about our tents and services.

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