Safari tent

Safari tents offer a lot of space and comfort for your family

Safari tents are a popular choice among campers. Lots of people do love to go camping but prefer to have a certain degree of comfort. And that is what an OSSO safari tent offers. These tents have the best combination of design, materials, and price in the market. The price performance ratio of our safari tents is unmatched because we source directly from the manufacturer. All our tents are designed and engineered in-house. By controlling the entire production chain, we make sure we deliver consistent high quality.

OSSO Luxury safari tents

Luxury safari tents

The OSSO safari tents can be considered luxury safari tents. They offer a lot of space and comfort. Because we weren’t satisfied with the strength and durability of industry standard tent fabrics, we started making our own. All our luxury safari tents are equipped with OSSO fabrics. We use client feedback to keep improving the fabrics to their needs. To keep the tents in the right condition, the fabrics have premium anti-mildew and UV-resistant treatments, the right balance between fabric weight and durability and ripstop fabrics with superior tensile strength.


The Stratus and Cirrus are popular luxury safari tents. The Stratus is the ultimate family tent and is available in 20 or 35m2 of flexible living and sleeping space. Then we have the Cirrus. Because of the full glass fronting combined with high-rise ceiling, the Cirrus is a very stylish, and spacious tent that lets in plenty of natural light. It allows light to stream inside and at the same time creates amazing views out of the tent.

OSSO safari tent with bathroom

Safari tent with bathroom

The biggest version of the Stratus tent, the Stratus 550, is a safari tent that can be equipped with a fully fitted bathroom. In this case, the tent is equipped with one instead of two bedrooms. A tent with a bathroom offers a lot more comfort to your camping guests. They no longer need to leave their tent to walk to the toilet in the middle of the night, because they can just get out of bed and enter their own bathroom.

OSSO bell tents in several sizes

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Next to safari tents we also offer bell tents in several sizes. They can accommodate up to six people and are very easy to set up witj just two people. Are you interested in more information about our tents? Feel free to contact us or request a quote right away!


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