Permanent safari tents

Permanent safari tents designed for comfort and engineered to last

Looking to upgrade your campsite with durable permanent safari tents? OSSO helps you out! We make durable outdoor products for the leisure and hospitality industry, including permanent safari tents. These tents are all designed and engineered in-house and thoroughly tested in factories, laboratories and of course outside, the place where they will stand.

Our tents can be found all around the world and have an unmatched price performance ratio, because we source directly from the manufacturer. Whether the conditions are hot or wet, the OSSO tents always offer comfort, because they are developed to withstand it all.

OSSO Stratus canvas tents

Stratus permanent safari tents

At OSSO we offer two kinds of permanent safari tents. The Stratus is one of them. This tent is available in two sizes. The smallest one is the Stratus 450, which can accommodate up to four people. The largest one is the Stratus 550, which offers enough space for up to six people. The 550 also has the luxury of a fully fitted bathroom.


The base of the tent consists of a powder coated steel construction. The electrolytic zinc treatment ensures that corrosion is prevented. For maximum strength and durability, we use 420 gr/m2 poly-cotton woven with a reinforced ripstop. The roof and mudflap are made of 650 gr/m2 PVC. Altogether this creates a very durable and strong tent.


OSSO Cirrus permanent canvas tents

Cirrus permanent safari tents

The Cirrus is a very stylish permanent safari tent. The glass front, in combination with the curved high-rise ceiling creates a very light and open ambiance. The frame of the Cirrus is made of glulam. This is not only used because of its stability, but also because of its reduced impact on the environment. And don’t worry about the strength, because the strength of the glulam construction is on par with a steel frame, such as the frame of the Stratus.


The fabric used for the walls is 420 gr/m2 poly-cotton, which is combined with PVC roof. Does the location of your campsite ask for extra UV protection? No problem! Just upgrade to OSSO PP450 solution dyed fabric and a roof with PVDF coating.

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Our safari tents are designed for comfort and engineered to last. They might just be the perfect fitting solution for your campsite. Interested in placing our permanent safari tents on your campsite, but need some more information first? We would love to tell you all you need to know. You are welcome to contact us with any questions!

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