4-meter bell tent

Premium, high quality 4-meter bell tents

Discover the OSSO collection of premium, high-quality bell tents designed to elevate your campsite to a new standard. Crafted with precision, our bell tents combine their charm and looks with the best materials for durability. OSSO’s 4-meter bell tents have been designed to give every camper the stay of their life, whilst ensuring our customers a higher return on their investment than our more traditional counterparts.

4-meter bell tent by night

4-meter bell tents for your campsite

OSSO is a supplier of high quality temporary, semi-permanent and permanent tents. A popular product in our range are our bell tents. Our bell tents from the Nimbus and Cumulus ranges are tents that are easily set up, durable and comfortable. Another reason these are so popular among our customers, is that the Nimbus comes in a variety of sizes, perfect for any campsite. Ranging from our 4-meter bell tent to the larger 5-meter and 6-meter variants. The 6-meter tents can even be equipped with a double instead of a single door.

Focussing on our 4-meter bell tents; they easily sleep up to three people. The dimensions are a 2.5-meter height and a four-meter radius. This gives the tent a comfortable surface area of 12 square meters.

Fabrics 4-meter bell tent

Quality tents using quality materials

High quality, luxury campsites should only house high-quality, durable tents. That is the philosophy we at OSSO follow. As a result, we are working closely with the manufacturers of our four-meter bell tents. This in turn allows us to ensure quality whilst keeping the price-quality balance as high as possible. Our fabrics feature 320 or 430 gr/m2 poly-cotton woven with a reinforced ripstop. They are coated with UV protection to ensure it lasts longer and anti-mildew coating to protect against mould, while maintaining breathability. The material, combined with our industrial quality accessories, such as our anodised aluminium three-point tensioner and YKK zipper, extends the life span of the 4-meter bell tents greatly.

Higher ROI with higher ratings

Allow your guests the pleasure of staying in one of OSSO’s 4-meter bell tents. This also comes with great benefits for you. The average cost of replacements, for example, will drop significantly. This is because, taking into account ‘normal’ wear and tear, our tents have a life-span of many years if kept in good condition. Are you looking to upgrade your campsite, bungalow park, surf camp or survival camp, ;
ith us.

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