6-meter bell tent

The happy middle between glamping and camping

Glamping is a hot buzzword that gets people talking. There are those that find glamping offers them the ultimate camping experience with all the luxuries and comfort they find at home and there are those that are not big fans of the premise. To the latter group, camping should be about connecting to nature and unwinding in the great outdoors. Typically, campsite owners would need to choose between the two target audiences. However, with OSSO’s 6-meter bell tent, we can combine the best of both worlds for both audiences. This in turn allows you to market your campsite to a larger group of adventurers.

OSSO Nimbus 6-meter bell tent interior

Spacious comfort

Our 6-meter bell tent, as the name would suggest, has a circumference of 6 meters. This allows for 26m2 of surface area to furnish in whatever way you see fit. Our 6-meter bell tents allow for an incredible space to comfortably fit up to six single beds. So, whether it’s a group of friends or a family of four or five, OSSO’s 6-meter bell tent provides the combination of luxury and connection to nature anyone could wish for.


More to the point, the spaciousness is reflected in every choice we made. Our 6-meter bell tent is available in two different variants: the single door and the double door versions. In both the versions the entrances are 1.85 meters, which allows for comfortable entrance and exit.

Fabrics 6-meter bell tent

Premium 6-meter bell tents

OSSO bell tents are made using premium fabrics that have been treated with colourfastness, anti-mildew, and UV-protection treatments. These treatments essentially allow our tents to retain their natural appearance and prevent bad smells and harmful fungi growing on the inside and outside.


The fabric itself is a 320 gr/m2 polyester and cotton mix with woven ripstop. This makes the fabric unmatched in the current market when it comes to pound-for-pound tensile strength. Our 6-meter bell tent weighs just shy of 50 kilograms, that is including the 530gr/m2 PVC groundsheet and the S235 galvanised steel frame. In summary, our 6-meter Nimbus bell-tent is a very sturdy semi-permanent accommodation for any adventurer or family seeking to combine comfort with a connection to nature.


6-meter bell tent Nimbus

Optimise your ROI

Return on investments is a big factor in any business. Even more so in businesses with a clear peak-season and off-season. That is why we have optimised our tents to increase their lifespan, whilst minimising the need for upkeep.


Want to learn more about OSSO’s 6-meter bell tents or our other outdoor solutions? Get in touch with our team and request a quote to calculate how quickly our tents will save you money.



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