5-meter bell tent

Elevate your campsite with OSSO tents

Welcome to a world where camping meets luxury and adventure blends with comfort. At OSSO we believe that camping should be an experience to remember. Part of this philosophy has led us to create our Nimbus-line of tents. Of which, our 5-meter bell tent is the perfect midway between cozy and spacious. They form a great addition to your campsite. Your guests will simply love their stay in these comfortable and durable tents.

5-meter bell tents Nimbus interior

Space meets comfort

Our 5-meter bell tents provide an abundance of space, allowing your guests to camp in style without sacrificing comfort. Whether it’s a family of adventurers or a group of friends seeking a memorable getaway, these tents offer the room they need to relax and unwind. In short, OSSO’s 5-meter bell tents offer your guests:


  • Room to sleep up to four people;
  • A height of three meters to stand comfortably;
  • A two-meter-high doorway so there is no need to crouch down to get in;
  • Fibreglass mosquito mesh fabric to block out the mosquito’s and to let in fresh air.

Built to withstand the elements

As beautiful as it is, nature is unpredictable. That is why we have designed our 5-meter bell tents to withstand the most extreme elements. Using high quality materials, we can ensure that your guests will be high and dry come rain or shine. We’ve achieved this level of protection by carefully crafting our fabrics to be the most optimal for peak-season camping, and even resistant enough to withstand the elements in the off-season. Using 320gr/m2 poly-cotton ripstop fabric, our 5-meter bell tent offers an impressive tensile strength. On top of that, the tents are very easy to assemble, move and disassemble with just two people!

5-meter bell tent Nimbus

Discover your 5-meter bell tents

Our 5-meter bell tent isn’t the only version of the Nimbus we offer. In our attempts to redefine what camping means, we offer our customers four different sizes of our Nimbus. Depending on how many plots you want on your land you could opt for our 4, 5 or 6-meter versions. If you’re looking for more spacious tents, you can look into our Cumulus tents as well. This is an extended bell tent, similar to the Nimbus, but rectangular. In other words, for each and every campsite, -ground or -area we have the best bell tents you could wish for. Are you ready to elevate your camping experience? Get in touch with us today to find out more about our 5-meter bell tents.

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