Permanent canvas tent

Permanent canvas tents are built to last the whole season

Offering you a permanent solution, so your guests can enjoy nature the whole season. Deploying our permanent canvas tents, your guests can connect with the outdoors at any moment of the season. Our Stratus and Cirrus ranges have been designed specially to withstand the elements and are built to last. This allows you to increase your return on investment by being able to deploy these tents constantly, without needing extra expenses for upkeep and repairs.

Our permanent canvas tents are a symphony of durability and sophistication. We pride ourselves on using our own OSSO fabrics, a material known for its strength, breathability, and ability to stand the test of time.

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OSSO Stratus canvas tents

Stratus canvas tents

Our Stratus is the perfect representation of a permanent canvas tent. Every aspect of the Stratus has been designed to ensure a long lifespan, even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate. This means that at any moment of the camping season, your Stratus tent will always be in perfect condition.


Stratus is made from 420 gr/m2 polycotton OSSO fabric, a blend of polyester and cotton. It’s the perfect balance between breathability and tensile strength, comfort, and durability. Moreover, the fabrics of our permanent canvas tents have all been treated with anti-mildew and UV-resistance treatments. The roof and mudflap are made of 650 gr/m2 PVC and are M2 flame retardant. Effectively making our permanent canvas tents very sturdy and durable.

OSSO Cirrus permanent canvas tents

Cirrus permanent canvas tents

Similar to the Stratus, our Cirrus tent is also a permanent fixture to any camping ground. The beautiful glass fronting combined with a curved high-rise ceiling makes the Cirrus unique. Plenty of daylight comes in, which gives a very spacious feeling. Whereas the Stratus uses aluminium frames which is easily assembled and disassembled, our Cirrus uses a more environmentally friendly material. Cirrus tent frames are made using Glulam wood. This material ensures the sturdiness of our permanent canvas solutions.

OSSO Permanent canvas tents

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