Permanent tents

Permanent tents are the ultimate family retreat

At OSSO we don’t just make tents. We are actively reinventing what camping means and what campsites look like. With our permanent tents we are trying to make camping more comfortable for everyone who loves to stay in the outdoors during their holidays. Complete your campsite with our durable and stylish permanent tent structures. Your guests will simply love staying in them.

OSSO Nimbus permanent tents by day

Nimbus permanent tents

Our Nimbus permanent tents are available in three sizes: 4-meter diameter, 5-meter diameter and 6-meter diameter. The latter is available with a single or a double door. The tents are made of 320 gr/m2 poly-cotton OSSO fabric, which is a blend of polyester and cotton. It offers a perfect balance between breathability and tensile strength, comfort, and durability.


To ensure that these permanent tents will last as long as possible, the fabric is coated with UV protection, and has a premium anti-mildew treatment. They also have YKK heavy duty zippers, that are perfect for intensive use. Setting up the Nimbus is an easy task. You will only need 20 minutes and one person to help.

OSSO Cumulus permanent tents

Cumulus permanent tents

The Cumulus permanent tent is similar to the Nimbus tent, except for the fact that the shape is rectangular instead of round. Because of the rectangular shape, it offers more space to place beds. The Cumulus is available in one size: 6 x 4 meters, which means that it can fit up to five persons. It is made of the same fabric as the Cumulus, so it offers the same strength and durability.

OSSO Large permanent tents

Large permanent tents

The ultimate family retreat is the goal we wanted to achieve when we designed and developed the Stratus and Cirrus ranges of our tents. The material we use for the fabric of these large permanent tents is a 420 gram/m2 ripstop reinforced cotton polymer, treated with three different specialised fabric enhancers to guarantee UV-protection and colourfastness.


These specs render the fabric extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions. For more information about our Cirrus and Stratus tents, take a look at their pages!

New addition to your campsite

The new addition to your campsite

In short, when it comes to year-round solutions for your campsite, look no further than OSSO. Our outdoor concepts offer everything your guests could wish for, whilst simultaneously increasing your return on investment. Want to know more about our permanent tent structures? Check out our website or get in touch with our team!

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