Semi-permanent tents

Our outdoor creations full of uniqueness and quality

At Osso we pride ourselves in our devotion to quality and uniqueness in all of our outdoor creations. This devotion has resulted in the creation of premium semi-permanent tent structures for any campsite looking to improve their return on investment. Because we source our products directly from the manufacturer, we can offer our premium tents at a better price than our competitors. Want to know more details about OSSO, our semi-permanent tents and how we’ve created these concepts? Find out below!

OSSO Cirrus semi-permanent tents

Semi-permanent canvas tents

We work closely with the suppliers of our materials to create our own line of OSSO fabrics. The fabric we use for most of our tents feature 320 or even 430 gr/m2 poly-cotton material with reinforced ripstop. This specific composition, with specialist treatments for UV-protection, anti-mildew and colourfastness, create a fabric that has it all:


  • Premium colourfastness
  • Unmatched tensile strength
  • Durability


Moreover, when it comes to our semi-permanent tents, most of the frames are made using galvanized steel. This ensures that not only will the tent not blow over with a simple gust of wind, but the structural integrity also won’t waiver due to rainfall causing rust. The Cirrus, one of our semi-permanent tents, has a glulam tent frame, which has a reduced impact on the environment. And the strength? That’s right on par with a steel frame.

Large outdoor semi-permanent tent homes

Large outdoor semi-permanent tent homes

OSSO offers tents in multiple sizes. Looking for large outdoor semi-permanent tent homes? The Stratus 550 and the Nimbus are a perfect stay for families or friend groups. The Stratus 550 is a luxury tent that sleeps up to six people. If you prefer bell tents, the Nimbus is a great option. This semi-permanent bell tent accommodates up to five people.

Get in touch for semi-permanent tent structures

Get in touch for semi-permanent tent structures

Get in touch with our team for more information regarding our tents, fabrics, and vision. We’re always more than happy to help, offering advice and opinions on what best to do for your specific operation. Reach out to us today and enquire about our semi-permanent tent structures.

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